Saturday, 13 October 2012

Charity Walk Charity Talk

Fashion is often seen as selfish, pretentious and over the top. However, there are so many different designers, brands and charities who see differently.

They do it on TV, think pilot episode of The OC circa 2003, we did it at school with Fete Fashion Parades. What better way to show off your fashion skills or those of designers then with a charity fashion parade. 

We can use the power of fashion, it's followers, it's money and it's support system to share the importance of giving and caring for those in need. 

People in fashion are creative, on top of trends-creating trends- are unique, are in touch with their community. By incorporating this with giving to charities or promoting the importance of giving, either material or monetary, we can build a strong awareness of philanthropy and a reminder to remember that we can all make a difference. 

Last year, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney, there was the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Parade in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Money from sponsors and ticket sales went to support the NBCF and the work they do in raising money to help research a cure and prevent breast cancer. The fashion parade was a really inspiring event showing that even something like fashion can help the community. It was a great way to involve big name designers like Akira, Collette Dinnigan, Bianca Spender and Lisa Ho

MBFFS Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2011
Another great example of fashion working for charity is the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show in England. A charity event run by students who choose a charity to support every year. I know for me a lot of the time when I think charity I think old and fuddy duddy. The ECFS has made me think just the opposite. It is totally hipster and they have a gorgeous video! Maybe students in Sydney should do the same?

Fashion also comes to the call of those in need during emergency situations. The Victorian bushfires in 2009 or the recent flooding in QLD.  Here is another great example of fashion lovers and leaders doing good. 

Often fashion helps not just through raising money or fashion parades or giving clothes but by putting their name to a problem they create awareness which leads to social changes in behaviour and attitude. This is where it all starts!

- Fashion Against Aids by H&M: although the campaign is over it was a great way to promote awareness of AIDS and being healthy in your love life. Some of the uploaded couple photos are super cute!

-SASS & BIDE make-a-wish: these necklaces were not only adorable, they helped raise funds for the Make-a-Wish foundation. 

These are just to start!! 

What great fashion charity causes do you know of?

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  1. I really like the vintage image that old fashion has. It endorses that peaches and cream look. No tanning required #bronzesafely